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Some Big Things

Hope everyone is enjoying the tail end of summer. It has been a busy one here at the hive and the queen is getting antsy as a motherfucker.

A few pretty big pieces of news.

The first is that the SOFT LAUNCH for THE FURIES is tomorrow. I know. Already. That nuts man. I have been hoping to see the back of this launch and feeling the metal-wings of those butterflies scraping my insides with their increasing flapping.

What this means is that you (the royal you) can download my baby on AUGUST 28TH  to the 31st for .99$. Less than a cuppa Joseph and about the same price as that shit Bazooka Joe gum with the little comics that also functions as a pencil eraser if you’re in a pinch. This will be better than that. Promise.

The goal of this little stratagem is two fold. Entice cats to want the physical copy, which I will happily sign for each and every person that presents it to me. And to gain as many early reviews as possible. This is not a Papa concern, this is a marketing concern to try and invite non-usses give ya boy a chance.

Truth be told, I want as many people to stumble upon my stories as possible. I do believe in my work and feel that this project, this coming-of-age story, could really connect with folk. I have big hopes for this. I have received critiques and read civilian reviews of COWARD. As much as people were able to connect with Sam, Kay and enjoy the charismatic personalities of Andy and Lucy, there was work to be done. Primarily the language. I regret not a fucking thing. I love that book. I stand by the way it was written and the vocabulary. My baby brother pointed picked up and relates to everyone that Lucy explains the rationality behind the purple prose. It’s one of those ‘the walrus was Paul’ moments when you peel back the layers of the glass onion and look through the bent-back tulips.

That. Being. Said.

THE FURIES is different. It is a different story told by a different person with different characters. It shouldn’t be more different, including the language used. I strive to get better and take the criticisms with enough salt to no desiccate mine ego. But, comments noted. The upcoming release is a more fluid and tenable read, I reckon at the leastest.

If I am not trying to one-up each release, what’s the fucking point? Y’heard?

The SECOND piece of big news. Goddamn, I’m sorry for all theses caps locked words, I swear I ain’t yelling at y’all. But the SECOND piece of news is that Canada’s Podcast just released our interview.

I like it and hate it. Angie Barnard did a great job as host. She’s fun and intelligent and asks some good-ass questions. She put a lot of care in to our interview and I would like to thank her immensely for even giving me a shot on an entrepreneurial themed podcast series that is broadcast nationwide.

What I hate is my goddamn voice. In my head, when I read my books, I sound like Method Man. At least. Dude, I didn’t know I sounded so… like that. Maybe you like it. I made the effort to enunciate and maybe that’s what it was. I sounded excited and tried to not speak as fast. I usually read my words, hearing them is fucking bizarre, man.

But props to Angie. We talk about a whole bunch of stuff and I was really happy with the experience. I was nervous and maybe it showed. The kids say ‘cringey’; I’d say crinkled, as the way my face went when listening to that psycho fire off without breathing in a voice that I ain’t never heard and wouldn’t match to me.

Still pretty dope.

Just a shorty. I’m busy as fuck trying to make everything fit like a murder glove this week while forgetting to book the adequate amount of time off. I still feel miles better and much more at ease with the help from the people working with me. Each day better, as that Brazilian in the stairwell says.

Remember. If you are interested in copping an early electronic copy of THE FURIES, please feel more than free to do so. If you do, it would be a mega solid if you left a review on AMAZON. Even after a couple pages. We know how to cheat the system. Yeah.

Sorry for cussin’,

Everyone’s and no one’s,

Papa Croft

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