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Independent as Fuck

Either everything or nothing. That is the guiding thread that flies the banner for this company. Fight AND Flight. We don’t negotiate with hostages.

But… why though?

I’ve dealt with some editors, some awesome and some awful. One thing that they always said that was the product was great, but it wasn’t ‘mainstream’. I kind of looked back on my life and the choices; I realized that nothing I have ever done was with the flow. Fuck ’em, let’s go. Never be boring.

Cut the act

All jokes aside, my passion for story-telling is the paramount focus of Fly Pelican. I smile at the sacrifices and wouldn’t take anything back. If you like what you read, then I write for you. If you don’t, it was probably never for you, and never will be.

Meet The Crew

Just a few of the beautiful things that made this whole thing possible. I couldn’t do it without y’all. Shout out to the stock images, I ain’t paying for shit.

Black Coffee

The Fuel

Delicious and always there for you no matter the day or time. You my girl, caffeine.


The Seat Belt

Darts as we call em. I hate you and I love you. You quell my anxiety and remind me I will die earlier than all of my friends.



The unyielding anxiety and fretfulness over things that can’t be control. Thank the heavens the world is absurd and it only has to make sense to me and me alone.