The Goods

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Sam is not a coward; he is a perfect coward.

He is depressed, lonely and all but set on living out his life in numb mediocrity. Lucy is a strange and powerful man with a bizarre and nefarious interest in Sammy. After a ‘chance’ meeting, Lucy gifts Sam with abilities far greater than anything his uncreative imagination could’ve ever dreamed of. For his part, Sam must learn to control this mysterious power by either rising above his weaknesses or giving in to them entirely.

Coward takes the reader on a spooky and enthralling ride. It’s fun, fast-paced and hard to put down.” – Susan Strecker / Author of Nowhere Girl

Available Summer 2019

The Furies

Fury is the last stop on the Quad-City express. It is a working-class town full of fiends and addicts, pimps and whores, thieves, and teenagers. The city preys on the weak and eats its young. As a group of friends from the Oxford projects enter their final year of high-school, they are all tempted by the seemingly infinite vices that threaten what seems like the most natural of progressions: becoming adults.

Available Late 2019

Becoming Buddha

Most self help books will describe remedies and issue lessons to escape the perverted spiral of depression and anxiety. They will aim at improving the quality of one’s life and inform choices and states of mind that nurture a healthy and productive psyche.

Not this book. Things can always get worse, and baby, they probably will.