Free Loot

You came cause it said free, didn’t you?

This section contains short stories that experiment with some different writing styles. The overwhelming Irish in me hates to give a damn thing away gratis; but the realistic bastard in me knows that something should supplement those (somewhat) coherent ramblings in the blog section.

In the shorts I like to experiment with different character dives, situations and things that I feel work better in small doses, like people. My goal is two-fold: Either tell a long story in a more succinct manner, or take a scene and make a planet out of it. Sometimes the idea is just too weird to take for a long walk and just needs a little exercise.

Feel free to read off the site or download and peruse at your own convenience. Take what you want but read what you take.

The Loot

On the Eve of Peace

What is left for a man of war in times of peace?

That’s Lovely Dear

A dive in to the mind of an elderly woman as her perception of the world is changing around her.

George has awoken to find himself sharing a bed with a raptor.