What's good?

I would like to sincerely thank you for stumbling across our humble little web page. My name is Corey Croft and I promise to always keep this son of a bitch under construction. Please feel free to enjoy all the free content and then get shaken by your ankles for your nickels. All the nickels.

I don't know anything about business or the internet or even people for that matter. But, I fucking love telling stories. I've never had a passion in all my life until I made a pledge to write 1,000 words a day for a month. That was years ago. Look mom, no hands! I love reading and writing and made it my objective to write the best goddamn books and publish them how I want. This website has been created for the sake of proving to my self that turning in to a hermit wasn't for nothing.

That brought me here. I don't know what brought you here. But now that you're here, take your shoes off and stay a while. Hit up the mailing list to get updates on releases, news, and ugh... blogs.

Fly Pelican Press and I love you, you crazy bastards.

Fly Pelican 4-01

I hate blogs

This section features unfiltered and barely edited streams-of-thought to giveĀ  raw insight about topics that I chose for no good reason. The journey to get ere, beefs, shit, I'll talk about the goddamn weather If I have to.

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The Goods

The official content released for sale on external retailers. This is the major form of support. Contact us for free copies to review.

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Free Loot

Because I really do love writing and love the people that read my shit. Here you can find of different styles that range from heartwarming shorts to straight up goon lit.

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Hey Pelican, what can I do?

If you want to help the lifespan of this beautiful shrine to the absurd, give your boy some feedback. Let me know how we're doing, tell me if something is fucked, or just say hi. If you want to donate I take submissions, gold bricks, good weed and cartons of cigarettes. No goddamn mixtapes.