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Sam is not a coward; he is a perfect coward.

He is depressed, lonely and all but set on living out his life in numb mediocrity. Lucy is a strange and powerful man with a bizarre and nefarious interest in Sammy. After a ‘chance’ meeting, Lucy gifts Sam with abilities far greater than anything his uncreative imagination could’ve ever dreamed of. For his part, Sam must learn to control this mysterious power by either rising above his weaknesses or giving in to them entirely.

Coward takes the reader on a spooky and enthralling ride. It’s fun, fast-paced and hard to put down.” – Susan Strecker / Author of Nowhere Girl

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FPP: Anti-Tips: Your Flaws & Your Characters via @YouTube
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Loved the way this street shot/ portrait turned out. Little lunch by the school yard. @ Vancouver, British Columbia

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