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By April 11, 2020April 13th, 2020No Comments

Let’s see how this goes…

Look at the little idiot’s first go at on-camera

Before I set to ranting, I want to announce the Fly Pelican Press YouTube channel. It’s going to be a feeling out process. Please give me feedback, this isn’t what I was bred to do, I’m a writer for effs sake. Me and Young boy Al filmed a bit before the Quarantine and met at a park to stand at a safe distance and hammer-out some more. The stuff isn’t scripted (especially the first go) and hopefully it stays on brand. I don’t think I have the ability to make beautiful video essays like many of the channels do, nor do I have the mental stability to organize the episodes in a strict manner. They are streams-of-consciousness, pseudo-skits (until we figure out or voice), and topics to raise questions. We have Anti-Advice segments for writing and even some readings. If those land, I may get my own microphone and begin to record at my place while this is going on and figure out what to do with the audio. We’re excited and trying not to put too much pressure on ourselves. I would love feedback and suggestions. We are limited now, but one day: maybe not.

I hope that you all are making the best of this grade-A fuckery and for the love of god doing your part in limiting the rampage of this hell-spun bastard flu. More than that, I hope you are all well and the same goes for your loved ones, and even your hated ones. Let them die by your hand and not some unseen force.

To your enemies’ enemies.

Sorry for cussin’

Papa Croft