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Thanks to everyone that copped the book in the first week. Many free downloads that we are hoping will turn in to reviews, shares, and whatever other kinds of things happen. I gotta say, that cover looks pretty nice sitting up there.

If any of you missed the free period and still want the e-book on the cheap, it will be available for .99$ until the 15th.

We are sincerely trying to get as many eyes on the product as possible and this seems to be a surefire way. If you know anyone who likes awesome things done by meh humans who are graciously throwing punches far outside their weight class, let them know that Furies is still under a shekel.

If you did cop the MFer, hit me up with some feedback and leave a review. I am hoping to get some new things bubbling in the next bit. I will be looking to release Becoming Buddha in the new year, most likely. Seeing the difference that a longer lead up and promo does, I’m in. Me and La Homie Syd are doing the final edits. Neat. I would like to start the underground promo for that bad girl in November at the earliest, maybe decide on a release date from then; possibly January or perhaps February. A winter baby.

I’m also trying to brainstorm ways to traffic eyes to the page, here. The site is far from a tour de force of updates, but it’s not bad. I hate relying on soliciting word of mouth to draw attention, but I wouldn’t be mad if you told your pals about this place. I am hoping to have my favourite short-story uploaded in short order. I would love to get more eyes on the blog and have a chance to discuss things with a bigger audience. Basically, I’m building a crew and planning to overthrow the government come election time, I just need bodies. Kidding, obvs. I just believe in the product that I am putting out and want to share with and entertain as many people that can stomach whatever goes on in this virtual dungeon-like abyss of nonsense and Thomas-foolery.

Cop the book if you haven’t. Tell your crew. Holler if you have any thing to say. Have a great day.

Thanks to every last one of you. Know that you make all this possible and it would be harder without knowing there were people supporting me, even in silence, even with distance, even with whatever is going on in your unique, complex, unequivocal lives. Know that you are vital and an appreciated piece of humanity for,

Papa Croft

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