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Here comes the afterglow

Hope everyone is doing well. Good? Good.

I have been working on the Furies post-launch marketing and things of that nature. It’s draining as a motherfucker and the free copies, while doing better than COWARD did, weren’t all that I was hoping for.

It’s a process. It’s upwards mobility and every little bit counts. I have been busying myself otherwise with way too much work-work and writing the second part to the series I am developing. Other irons are still resting with placid indifference to the restaurants, but coming along.

Most importantly, I want to bring up something very serious.

I believe that legs are to middle-to-late aged men as breasts are to women. How else are all these gents going out in the steadily cooling atmosphere not covering their legs like a bunch of harlots and strumpets? We get it, you ride a bike and do a half-hour of calf raises every day, put those things away. Jesus. They’re so bulky and veiny, are you trying to make the chicken-legged and knocked-kneed young bois out there feel bad about themselves? Tramps. Put some clothes on.

I wanted to share some links with y’all. Reviews and miscellaneous shit. I promise I will upload a decent rant or something more focused. I’m a little burnt out and focused on finishing the bigger picture projects on my coffee table aye-tee-em.

Clarion Books did a good appraisal here:

They have a lot of sway apparently and seemed to enjoy the book. As they fucking should. They hit on the themes and thankfully recognized the texture and layering of what I was trying to accomplish. It’s refreshing to see that my attempts at theme and metaphor connected, officially. They said it so it happened so there. Really though, it’s an astute and fairly nit-picky interview.

Best Seller’s world countered with this sweet cookie:

Also very nice. I enjoy the human approach they took to the book.

What’s funny is that they both carry a similar series of buzz words: gritty, violent, drug boom of the 90’s. Shit son, that was a part of growing up. I’m glad it slapped.

And a cool little interview that I forgot i did can be found here:

There were some questions about characters and ideas for the book. Cool bit of background info. I give shit up way too easy.

Aaaaaand finally. The podcast I did back in the summer was uploaded to YouTube. Pretty cool! I can’t watch it, it freaks me out to see that awful thing speak. Angie did a great job, she’s a darling. It’s that mutant on the left, Buzz’s girlfriend: woof.

I am very grateful. I would like to thank the fall for bringing back my dearest, sweetest, love that is the rain. She thins the herds. She sleeps me softly. She interrupts hot girl summer and throws all the boys and girls in baggy sweaters and rain coats. She ruins the days of many only to make mine so much better. And she gives me a reason to launch a personal injury lawsuit in the event that I continue to undersell my books and things get so dire that I have to find a way to fatten-up my billfold so I look for my perfect mark and see the richest looking cat on the street and I quietly walk super-close to them and poke myself in the eye with his or her umbrella and mention that a lawsuit will ensue but we can settle this out of court because if I have to go to a specialist they will know my eyes have been bad since birth and that the injury to the eye that I’d sustained was from a different umbrella on a different occasion and the man was poor and there was no point to sue him but it gave me this idea. For when things got lean, of course. I love you rain.

Sorry, I love the run-on, stream-of-consciousness shit,

Also, I’m very tired,


Sorry for cussin,

Papa Croft

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